Top Reasons Your Tax Refund Could Be Delayed

In today’s article, I am going to give you the top reasons why your tax refund might be delayed. Some of these reasons are things you might be able to stop doing to get your refund even faster; I’m going to teach you what those things are. This article is going to help save you time from being on the phone with IRS regarding your refund and also it’s going to give you peace of mind.

You are Paper Filing Your Return

If you are filing your tax refund by paper or you have been in the past stop it take that paper and throw it out no more paper for you, rather do it electronically. It’s more secure, the IRS will love you, and you get your refund so much faster. How much faster? We are talking about a month faster if you do the electronic filing.

Make Sure You are Doing Direct Deposit

Once again no paper you do not want a paper check make sure that you had your bank account information entered and so that money can go directly into your bank account. Direct deposit is safe, simple, and secure. With that bank account though, make sure your spouse’s name either you or your spouse’s name is on that account. If your name is not on the account that’s where you’re going to run into issue; so make sure whatever account you set up or where you want that tax refund to go make sure your name is on it you’ll have no problem. Click here.

Your Refund will be Delayed if you are Trying to Claim That Bonus Income Tax Credit 

The reason is the IRS is holding those tax refunds in order to look at those credits extra carefully there’s been a lot of fraud over the years regarding the credits and they want to make sure that credit you are claiming is legitimate. That’s why they’re going to hold on to that money a little bit longer.

Your Spouse Owes Money

In a nutshell, what this is if you file a joint return and your spouse let’s say owes money to put student loans first-ever like to pass through student loans this is just one example then the tax refund expected to be received might be intercepted by the government or state agency and taking the pays off those student loans. The state, local, and federal governments do have that power to intercept your tax refund to pay off debt.

The IRS Have to Take Extra Time

The last and final reason why your refund are being delayed is the IRS have to take extra time and be extra cautious to make sure that information on your return is correct before they can release the money to you and they just wanted more time to process your return and more times to review that is why it’s taking longer.

Unfortunately, the IRS in the past two years watch millions upon millions of dollars and so I think going forward they’re going to be even more careful and I just would anticipate refund taking longer and longer in the future so just be aware of that and realize that your tax refund could be delayed because of the fraud that we have to deal with at this point. Find out more at

Why do you need to file a tax return, and how do you do it?

If you’ve got employment with a daily check, you’re nearly actually already paying taxes! The taxes you owe on your earnings are withheld from your check and paid to the federal and state governments. So why does one still have to be compelled to “do your taxes” each year so you can get your tax refund?

Why You Need to File a Tax Return

For starters, your payroll withholding typically isn’t precisely right: the selections you create once you established your payroll withholding at the start of your employment may result in you under- or over-paying your taxes. Further, you will be ready to cut back the taxes you owe—and therefore, get a refund on taxes you already paid—by taking sure deductions or credits provided for within the tax code. On the flip-side, you would possibly have extra financial gain not enclosed in your check that you’re lawfully needed to report, and which can end in you owing a lot of in taxes.

How to File a Tax Return

There arethree main ways in which to file your taxes. File your taxes manually, filling out a kind known as 1040, in line with directions provided by the IRS; and mail it to the IRS, beside any payments you owe. Use a package program or the web site of a service like TurboTax or H&R Block. The service can walk you thru a series of questions about your financial gain and potential deductions, fill out your 1040, and (if you therefore choose) file it electronically for you. Get skilled facilitate from a businessperson or tax preparer; World Health Organization can work with you to maximize your refund and fill out your income tax return on your behalf.

How Your Taxes are Determined

How much you wish to pay in taxes is decided primarily by your total financial gain. The central uses a revenue enhancement system, which implies that the more cash you create, the upper your effective charge per unit is. These rates are determined by tax brackets; as an example, if you create between $91,900 and $191,650, you’re within the twenty eight income tax bracket. However, solely the portion of your financial gain higher than $91,900 is going to be charged at that twenty eight p. C rate. Thus, contrary to common belief, obtaining a raise that moves you into the next income tax bracket doesn’t mean that you simply finally end up conveyance home less money!

Getting That Refund or Paying That Bill

Once you’ve entered all the relevant info concerning your financial gain, deductions, and credits, you’ll be ready to verify the balance—whether you owe cash, or if you’re owed a refund. If you owe cash, you’ll most likely simply send that money to the suitable government agencies (the IRS and your state’s department of revenue) beside your tax return; if it’s quite you’ll pay all directly, you’ll be ready to establish a payment set up. If you’re owed a refund, you’ve got some choices for receiving your payment(s), as well as an armored check or direct deposit into a checking account.


Don’t forget to save lots of a replica of your income tax return for your records it can are available in handy once you’re doing all your tax refund next year, and it’ll very are available in handy if the IRS has queries and decides to audit you.